Vahagn Hayrapetyan Vahagn Hayrapetyan graduated from the Tchaikovsky Music School, afterward the Yerevan State Conservatory as pianist and composer. He learned from such jazz be-bop legends as B. Harris and F. Hewitt in New York, and worked and shared stages with legendary jazz musicians E. Jones, J. Lovelace, Ch. Davis, L. Williams, and many others. He recorded and released 3 albums in New Orleans - “Love for Sale” with Clarence Johnson III, “Tripp to New Orleans” with Johnny Vidakovich and Ed Wise and “Bop it Up” with Wendell Brunious, Brice Winston, Bill Huntington, and Jason Marsalis. Vahagn participated in many international jazz festivals such as Jazz Jamboree, St. Petersburg International Jazz Festival, (1997, 1998), New Orleans Jazz Fest du Maurier, Montreal Jazz Festival etc. Since 1998 is the pianist and keyboard player of the famous Armenian Navy Band. In 2004 he organized his own band “Katuner” (“Cats”). In 2010 Hayrapetyan recorded the first solo album “Singin' and Swingin”. Vahagn has served as a jazz tutor in Yerevan, Syria, Iran, Lebanon and Jordan. He is the author of the soundtracks for such movies as “Bounded Parallels”, “If Only Everyone” and “Shor and Shorshor”. For the music in "If Only Everyone" Vahagn won the award of Beijing International Movie Festival. V. Hayrapetyan is the Honored Artist of the Republic of Armenia.