Aram Khachaturian's letter to Sergey Prokofiev Dear Sergey Sergeevich, Nina and I have just come back from the 100th presentation of “Cinderella”. It was an enormous pleasure. Let me, dear Sergey, to congratulate you on this occasion and say that you are a wonderful composer. How dreamy is the music from “Cinderella”, how many pages from the ballet shimmering with talent? It’s difficult to express the pleasure (spiritual cleansing) one gets when listening to the music of “Cinderella”, when watching Ulanova’s marvelous portrayal and Wiliams’ staging. The Adagio in the second act, Cinderella’s searches, the watch and many other parts, how wonderful is all of it. And the valse. I have a lot to say, but it’s difficult to express through the paper. Say hello to Mira Aleksandrovna, With love, Aram Khachaturian and Nina Makarova. April 11, 1950, Moscow