Aram Khachaturian's letter to Dmitri Shostakovich "Dear Mitya, I’m writing this letter with great excitement and joy. I’m writing not only to say happy birthday but to express some of my thoughts about you. I’m grateful to fate for being your friend and your contemporary. I’m grateful to your outstanding works for elevating the level of Soviet music to unreachable heights. We are all striving to keep in line with you, though it’s impossible. You are our leader, and, want it or not, you are taking us after you. Your historical mission is inestimable. I am pleased there is a person, the extension of my respect and admiration to whom humbles me. I rarely bother you, though I often feel the need to talk to you. My dear and honorable friend, congratulations on your fiftieth anniversary, I wish you happiness, I wish you to create more compositions. Be as mighty as you have always been. You’re not very old, but you have lived a great life. Hugs, Yours A. Khachaturian. September 24, 1956, Moscow" []