"Akunq" folk song and dance ensemble celebrates its 45th anniversary with a concert that will take place on the 8th of December at Aram Khachaturian Concert Hall. The event is initiated by Arsen Grigoryan, ex-member of the Ensemble. "Akunq" presents pure Traditional Armenian music for 45 years. It anchors on traditions of folk and ritual costums, which is very important for us",-Arsen Grigoryan says and adds, that they made the effort to make the concert unforgettable. Many famous artists and folk music ensembles. "There is a good reason to pay tribute to these musicians, as well as Hayrik Muradyan and his daughter Maro Muradyan, Sargis Baghdasaryan, Harutyun Panosyan, Sargis Alaverdyan, Arthur Shahnazaryan",-Grigoryan concludes. "Akunq" folk song and dance ensemble was founded in 1976 in Yerevan by a candidate of philological sciences, ethnographer and folklorist Maro Mouradian. The ensemble's first performance took place in 1977, at Yerevan State University. 30 people were involved in the initial phase of the ensemble. All of them were representatives of the first and the second generation of displaces indigenous population of Western and Eastern Armenia cities - Van, Mush, Sasun, Shatakh, Hamshen and others. The first time the ensemble was invited abroad in 1979 to attend an international folk festival in Estonia. In 1981 "Akunq" was registered as a National State TV and Radio ensemble. The ensemble is a laureate of many festivals. Taking the preservation of the Armenian national music, ritual and valuable cultural customs and traditions as a principle, the Ensemble is still active nowadays. They participate in numerous concerts, festivals, traditional and ceremonial events around the world, Armenia and Artsakh." Akunq" has the status of a state ensemble today.