Concert entitled "Classics for All" was held with the participation of Ensemble Assonance and beloved violinist Anush Nikoghosyan took place on December 20, at the Komitas Chamber Music Hall. During tonight's concert, Assonance performed something absolutely different. The ensemble repertoire is consists of works by contemporary Armenian and foreign composers, but this time they presented a completely different program to the audience. In the first part of the concert, the musicians performed Brandenburg Concert N. 4 by J. S. Bach (soloists: Anush Nikoghosyan (violin), Narek Avagyan (flute) and Aram Hovhannisyan (flute) and Suite N. 2 (soloist: Narek Avagyan (flute).In the second part of the concert, Ensemble Assonance and Anush Nikoghosyan presented by A. Kocharyan. Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons" by A. Vivaldi. The concert was warmly received by the audience. This was due to the interpretation of each composition before the performance (speakers: Aram Hovhannisyan, Arthur Avanesov). It was the first collaboration between Ensemble Assonance and Anush Nikoghosyan, which is expected to continue. In the near future, the same program will be presented in all regional centers of Armenia and Artsakh. Photo credit: Davit Jotyan