“Orakul” Publishing House has published the Armenian translation of Solomon Volkov's "Conversations with Vladimir Spivakov". The book is a dialogue between two childhood friends. Ruben Ishkhanyan, director of the publishing house, told ANM that he met literary critic Clarissa Pulson two years ago when he was studying in Moscow. During the conversation, they decided to do a big project. The first was Vladimir Pozner's "Farewell to the Illusions", the other was S. Volkov's "Conversations with Spivakov". As Ishkhanyan quickly inspires from good suggestions and make it the meaning of his life, he decided to it. “Knowing about Vladimir Spivakov's close ties with Armenia, we were happy to translate this book. When I returned to Armenia, I began to look for a person, who could translate it. We have a big problem finding a translator from Russian into Armenian, and many musicians who were mostly Russian-speaking found it difficult to translate. Speaking to Svetlana Dadyan, the Professor of the Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory, we entrusted the work to the Conservatory Associate Professor Sahenik Maghakyan. My close friend, the editor, one of Russia's major publishers, Yelena Shubina, was very supportive of the copyright acquisition". When the translation of the book was almost finished, Ishkhanyan contacted V. Spivakov, who has already informed about it, responded immediately. “Sati Spivakova joined us and we started discussing everything from the cover design to the possible presentations. Both are very busy, but they respond diligently to all the questions, realizing that this is a book about them.” Possible presentations of the book are currently underway in Moscow and Yerevan. Both V. Spivakov and his wife wish to participate in it. The problem is related only to deadlines. Elena Shubina, who published the book in Moscow, will also attend the Moscow presentation. She is also eager to be present at the Armenian presentation.