Aram Khachaturian House-Museum will celebrate some memorable dates and anniversaries this year. “As next year is the 70th anniversary of the Masquerade, we are moving towards that jubilee. Notes transcribed for the piano are being prepared for publication, including interesting materials on its creation,” Aram Khachaturian House-Museum Director Armine Grigoryan told ANM correspondent. And this year the museum and the music-lovers will celebrate the 70th anniversary of Khachaturian's great Violin concerto. “We would like to organize an exhibition and conference on these topics. The exhibition will be called "Aram Khachaturian and Armenian Music. the jubilance of the year. " This year's jubilees will include members of "The Five" (Alexander Arutyunian and Lazar Saryan), Edgar Hovhannisyan, Aram Khachatryan's cousins ​​Karen Khachatryan and Amin Khachatryan as well as Emin Khachatryan. The museum will not miss the 250th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven this year either. Back in December last year, the museum launched a new project entitled “Ten sonatas for piano & violin and the musical world around it” dedicated to the genius composer. During each concert, Maestro’s sonatas will be performed as well as musical masterpieces of his time. The idea of ​​ belongs to violinist Karen Shahgaldyan. “I value this project very much. Nine more concerts will be held at the museum in 2020. Not only Beethoven but also his contemporaries sound here. Each concert will feature performances by the composer's sonatas as well as musical masterpieces of his time. The programs are presented by musicologist Olya Nurijanyan, as the project is also part of our education program. Various musicians, as well as students of the Conservatory, are involved in the project. ” According to the director of the museum, the program will go beyond the museum and will be presented in the regions. A. Grigoryan also noted that last year the museum made important steps in different directions. With the support of the Fund of Armenian Relief and Shahan Artsruni, the piano of the concert hall was completely renovated, which was very important, as concerts are being held throughout the year. "We have various innovations inside and outside the museum. “Innovations were made in the museum's exhibition halls, and interesting multimedia applications were used inside and outside the museum with Arloopa. Recently, the conference materials for the 2018 conference will be released, within the framework of which speakers from nine different countries came to Armenia". In recent years, the tourism industry has been registering a significant increase in the number of tourists visiting Armenia every year, which could not have affected the number of tourists visiting the Aram Khachaturian Museum. “The number of tourists and locals has definitely increased, but it doesn't mean we should stop and become satisfied with what we have. Every year we try to increase this number. ” In 2019, the museum had 14,000. By Sona Khachatryan