I don't want to repeat what is already said. The topic is simple. Much has been said in Mr. Babayan's interview. I will speak from another point of view, sometimes intentionally simplifying my speech. Almost every day, at night, cars pass through Sayat-Nova street with open windows, with very loud "music" sounds, and for years the residents of the buildings adjacent to the street have been terrorized by that. Call the police to do what? Until they come, the car passes by. By the way, these cars stop for a few minutes to get people fully awake and only then they keep going. The city music of our public life. Our population also organizes its joy in this way. We have not developed and do not have the proper public ears and that is why we have the task of forcibly “filling” the auditorium today, which is at least offensive for the musician. Attempts have been made to resolve these issues, but they might alleviate the situation, but no more. It turns out that we have been tolerating for decades when our rights were violated in public places, in transportation, and elsewhere. And now, "Emotion and the bell" suddenly took place and corrupted our values, jeopardizing our right to public space. " Our cultural standard comes from kindergarten, and the state of cultural education in the secondary school is also deplorable. The miserable class times devoted to music, with some exceptions that certainly exist (I do not want to combine them all) distort the cultural perceptions of the forming human from the outset, presenting themselves as hours of unimportance, entertainment, unserious treatment. It is through this correction of these features that the ones responsible for cultural upbringing should deal with it. We already have a serious problem. Clearly, a “neglected” child will be reluctantly adjusted. On the one hand, it is the arduous task of cultivating oneself, on the other hand, inaction and carelessness. The gap is deepening even more by the overwhelmingly arrogant and over-the-top image of a cultural figure (with exceptions, of course), for whom every bacillus in their refined world is fatal. Clean-unclean, high quality-low quality, real-unreal, national-apathetic, traditional-contemporary conversations as much as you like... What do some young people do? They go out into the street and scream, "I have green hair, I can make unpleasant movements, I'm distasteful, I throw away everything that makes me attractive so that there remains only what makes us all the same, no matter what our position, our appearance, our words are. " It doesn’t work, it is imperfect and it is not understood. Where did the “zelyonka” come from? - It's organized.- What does the ministry have to do with all this? - The slogan of the lack of censorship has been announced. - What does this have to do with Satanism?- Nothing. - Why do people lie?- From inability- Why don't we tolerate dissent and consider our opinion to be the only and dominant one? - "We are stubborn." - What does this noise have to do with it? - Politics. - What does art do? - We know more than we think we do. Art is busy with these discoveries. When you ask questions, the answers ring, even though not irrefragable.