Armenian National Music is pleased to present Komitas Vardapet's letter to the composer, folklorist collector Nikoghayos Tigranyan. "Dear Nikoghayos Tigranyan, As soon as Sirakan returned from Tiflis, he reminded me of my promise to send you my works. Do not think that I have forgotten, but I was waiting for the copy, so it was so late. I received one a day ago, the other - did not. I can't wait for others, I just tore these two out of the collection I send you these two: a) Interpunctionssystem der Armenier and b) Armeniens volkstՖmliche ReigentՊnze. The second one is a small excerpt from my great work that will be published next year. It didn't turn out the way I wanted it to, so a few small mistakes were made that you can see for yourself. I also printed pictures so that the copies of the songs at the end would be even easier for strangers to understand. Whatever it was, it happened. My purpose was just to give a hint to strangers about our times, whose musical composition and melody can still teach them a lot. The examples I have chosen are partly purely popular, partly from minstrels music. What can I say, you yourself know that very well ... Lyceum classes restrict my lessons a lot. This summer I plan to tour the villages, check out the seasons of folk songs for the last time, and publish them in parts. What are you doing, have you written new works in Persian, have you published something new? of course you prepare a lot. I know you never stop working. Greetings from my acquaintances. I wish you good health and energy your Komitas Vardapet "