An online concert dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the famous musician-theorist, composer and pedagogue Kristapor Kushnaryan will be held with the participation of the students of the RA Honored Artist, Professor Anna Mailyan. The program will include works by Komitas, Armen Tigranyan, Romanos Melikyan, Alain Hovhannes, Avet Terteryan, Edward Mirzoyan, Artemi Ayvazyan, Geguni Chtchyan and Vard Manukyan. This was reported by the Public Relations Department of the Union of Composers of Armenia. The project is implemented by Composers Union of Armenia and the Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory and will be broadcast online from June 7 to 14, at 17:00, on the official online platforms of the CUA. Pianist Elen Kirakosyan will accompany singers Armine Khachatryan, Hermine Gevorgyan, Anush Martirosyan, Larisa Khalatyan, Milena Beglaryan, Anahit Gabrielyan and Lia Arakelyan during performances. The coordinator of the concert is a musicologist, PhD Narine Avetisyan.