The online charity virtual recital of pianist, Honored Artist of the Republic of Armenia Hayk Melikyan, will take place on April 25, LIVE at 23:00 Yerevan time. It is dedicated to the 105th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, and all proceeds from the concert tickets will be donated to the Society for Orphaned Armenian Relief ( [] ). Hayk Melikyan will perform the works by Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Komitas, Khachatryan, Babadjanyan, Dellalian and Gurdjieff during the recital. "Today we live in difficult times, but we must never forget, regardless of our problems, the children who need us, because I am sure that we have potential Khachatryans, Komitases, Mozarts, and Newtons among them. Of course, performing without the audience is strange for me, I missed the Yerevan audience very much, but I realize that staying at home today is vital for everyone and I hope I will be able to bring some warmth to people's apartments and do something good together,”- said the pianist. Additionally, this year, the Country's top leadership will pay tribute to the memory of the innocent victims of the Armenian Genocide at the Tsitsernakaberd Memorial with a live performance by Hayk Melikyan.