A concert, entitled "Gohar Vard", will be performed by the Tsirani Ensemble's Instrumental Quintet at Komitas Chamber Music Hall on the 15th of October. The program includes works of Sayat-Nova, Komitas, Alexander Spendiaryan and Gregory of Narek (Grigor Narekatsi). The Special Guest of the concert is Grigor Arakelian (Armenian Viola). The title of this concert is from a leading work of the program - a poem called "Gohar Vard" by Grigor Arakelian who based it on Gregory of Narek's "Vardavar Tagh" or "Gohar Vardn". The Tsirani Ensemble was founded in 2012. The band was initially an instrumental quintet – duduk, shvi, tar, oud, dhol (double-headed drum), where duduk was the main instrument. In 2014 singers joined the band. "Music is perfect when it triggers emotions and feelings that can be sorrow and sadness, or joy and amazement and revelry. The Armenian history and the genetic memory of the Armenian nation contain the entire palette of emotions. We only need to recreate our ancestral heritage by maintaining the crystal purity of our millennial culture with modern solutions typical to our times",-Artak Asatryan, the artistic director of the ensemble says.