Historical, cultural and construction project – a creation of the Gurdjieff district in Gyumri was discussed between President of Armenia Armen Sargsyan and the architect Sashur Kalashyan. According to the press office of the president of RA, the project will be carried out jointly by “Gyumri, My Love” Foundation, Hayastan All-Armenian Fund and Rizzani De Eccher international company. Speaking of the great intellectual, philosopher, composer and choreograph G. Gurdjieff, who was born in Gyumri, the President said that he was intending to totally reconstruct or build from scratch his home in Gyumri. On the territory, which has already been allocated, a unique cultural ambiance will be created where the creative spirit of Gurdjieff, his system of values, and his invisible presence will reign. The place will be part of a spacious area, while Gurdjieff’s house will be its center.